❝I gave you everything. I waited
            when you  needed me to  I stuck
            around  when you   didn’t think I
            would.  And  I  just  feel like  you
            throw that back in my face, each
            and every single time.❞

          “I know. I know, alright? I fucked up,
           I royally fucked up.
          Are you surprised? I’m poison, Stiles.”

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Move the ‘X’ to the box that most applies to your character.

[ ] Lawful Good

Acts with compassion and a sense of duty. The type to uphold a sworn oath and will protect innocents at most costs.

[ ] Neutral good

Acts with in a positive manner, although will not value tradition or rules to act as such.

] Chaotic Good

Acts with a rebellious, free-spirited nature but still quite positively. They do the right thing, but are often disorganized and/or not aligned with the rest of society.

[ ] Lawful Neutral

Acts with a strong belief in concepts like honor, rules, and code. Typically places a strong faith in order- they obey or give orders.

[ x ] True Neutral

They don’t align strongly with good or evil, nor do they with chaotic or lawful. They usually are undecided between the 4 sections or just gravitate right in the middle.

[ ] Chaotic Neutral 

Acts with strong individualist nature and they have a very ‘screw the rules!’ attitude. The individual will follow their heart and promote freedom, but theirs comes first.

[ ] Lawful Evil 

Acts with honor, but don’t care in the slightest for the freedoms and rights of others. Very concerned with self-benefit at times, and will twist rules and codes to favor them.

[ ] Neutral Evil 

Acts extremely selfishly with no problems concerning betraying others at a moment’s notice. They typically make allies just to further themselves.

[ ] Chaotic Evil

Acts with no respect for anything except their own desires and selfish goals. They place high value on freedom for the self, but do not care for others’ freedoms. Often associated with chaos and destruction.

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         ❝I’ve  had  enough  of  this Derek . I’ve
         had enough of fighting, I’ve had enough
         of  arguing,  I’ve had  enough   of  trying.
         Every time  we get  close to  being in a
         good   place,  you say  something  that
         literally tears me apart. It’s not fair.❞

      “I told you I’ve never been good at this.
       I don’t know what to do in order to make
       it okay again. You’re right —-
       it’s not fair on you.
       Not at all.
       I’m sorry.”

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#ew the meds i took have made me feel even more sick so i’m gonna go

#i’ll be on kik @ triskelionalphas and skype if yeah anyone wants to do the thing

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"Yes, for now and… a long while."


   ”Except you don’t know that.”

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         ❝Well then maybe it’s a good thing you said
          what  you did,  now you don’t  have to waste
          your time on me.
                                          ——- Goodbye, Derek.❞

    “Will you just listen to me for one second?
    I — not one minute I spent with you was wasted.
    You can’t just say goodbye to me. I won’t let you.”

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        “I’m going to punch you in the throat.”


    “You wouldn’t, you love me too much.”

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#the way derek swallows #and then takes in every detail of stiles’ face

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       ”You and I both know I’m not—
        quit stalling!”


    “Hmmm? I’m doing no such thing.”

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